Sound Re-Inforcement

How would you like to describe your sound engineer?  Excellent, kind, reliable, competent, resourceful… We strive to be the epitome of this profile.  We deliver professional sound run by personable sound engineers who have widespread experience and exceptional ears.

Our sound systems are equipped with speakers and mixing consoles that use advanced digital processing so that you are almost surprised at the big sound coming from such a small and efficient system. This efficiency allows us to not only compete on price, but also offer mind-blowing sound quality and convenient portability. We don’t cut corners on cables, mics, and the myriad of accessories that help create the difference between a mediocre sound and an exceptional one.

Our background allowed us to work events from the position of the performer, the event planner, and the audio engineer – these perspectives inform every decision we make to best serve the needs of the event.  Please contact us today to discuss your sound reinforcement needs. Get more done with less – choose EA Pro Music.

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